Featured Student Leader: New York University College of Arts & Science Entrepreneurship Association’s Kasey Ma

As we promote youth and entrepreneurship, we are featuring entrepreneurial student leaders showcasing how each one has made an impact on their community across North America. In this blog, Dr. Yvonne Wang shares how she has made an impact in the entrepreneurial community in Edmonton.

Which current startup has caught your eye?
Without a doubt, Poshmark has caught my eye. It is a mobile application that allows users to sell, exchange, and display their fashion closets to each other. With such a user-friendly interface, I have made numerous sales, emptying out my huge closet full of unworn or unwanted clothing. Not only is this app a great way to made side cash, but it also solves the problem of clothing donations. I am against clothing donations because I know that a lot of those charity organizations do not actually give the used clothes to those particularly in need. Most of the clothes are in fact turned into commodities of exchange into a corrupt, profitable second-hand clothing industry. For me, Poshmark has been the perfect solution because I know who my customers are and I know that they truly want the clothes.

If you were to start your own business or work for a startup which industry would you want to work in?
I would desire to be in the “fashion-tech-social” space, meaning, I would want to be involved in the e-commerce industry and collaborate with several designers and their merchandise, while also being able to give back to the community. Since I have a strong interest in fashion and the tech space, this field would be a perfect fit for me. I strongly believe in working for a job you are passionate about, that is challenging, and that is able to benefit and encourage others to follow in your footsteps..

As Co-President of the Tech Comm Club, what impact have you had on the entrepreneurship community at your school?
As Co-President of NYU’s CAS Entrepreneurship Association (CASEA), I have accomplished a lot for myself and for the entrepreneurial community at NYU and the greater New York City. Almost every day I am contacting several student, alumni, and other outside entrepreneurs in order to collaborate with them for future events. Our main mission for the club is to welcome every major and field of interest into the entrepreneurship community. We want to demonstrate that entrepreneurship does not discriminate against any industry and that it is not imperative to have a business background in order to initiate your own start-up. With this goal in mind, I have hosted many events with industries from food, finance, tech, fashion, and many more. Our biggest event is our annual Insight@NYU Conference where we invite entrepreneurs at every stage of development from 6-8 different industries to share their stories and encourage others.


Dr. Yvonne Wang
Technology Commercialization Club | Co-President

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