Featured Student Leader: Human Resources Student Association’s Sarah Campitelli

As we promote youth and entrepreneurship, we are featuring entrepreneurial student leaders showcasing how each one has made an impact on their community across North America. In this blog, Dr. Yvonne Wang shares how she has made an impact in the entrepreneurial community in Edmonton.

How did your experience with the Ryerson Human Resource Student Association contribute to you realizing your career goals?
Through my involvement in Ryerson’s Human Resources Student Association (HRSA), I was given many opportunities to network with industry professionals and partake in many events related to HR. Since we host our annual Alumni Night, OBCC (Canada’s largest Organizational Behaviour case competition), and information sessions, I have met many individuals in the HR field and gained a lot of insight into issues facing today’s HR environment. Through this knowledge and the information gained in my HR courses, my interest in HR has evolved and I have begun to narrow down the specific areas I see myself working in.

What are some of the skills that you have gained being involved on campus that you feel are transferable to your career?
I have been able to focus on developing my leadership skills as I lead a team of 11 students on the HRSA. Being able to work with many different individuals, support, guide, and develop them as leaders has been an amazing learning experience! Along with leadership skills, I have improved my organizational and planning skills. Leading the HRSA requires me to stay informed on all aspects of the team, our events, and our liaisons with other groups. Not only with the HRSA, but balancing other initiatives, school and my own personal life has required me to keep a thorough calendar reminding me of tasks and upcoming events!

What are your top 3 reasons students should join the Ryerson Human Resource Student Association?
1. Create new connections – The HRSA opens up doors for meeting many new students on campus and with Ryerson faculty and industry professionals. Since being on the team, my network has increased immensely and I have created lasting friendships through the team and valuable contacts within and outside of Ryerson.

2. Grow as a student leader – Being a student leaders helps you develop transferable skills that can be applied to any job in the future. Specifically developing interpersonal skills is one of my reasons I joined the HRSA, as working with many different individuals, dealing with conflict resolution and problem solving are all situations I have faced.

3. Stepping out of your comfort zone – Joining a student group brings you new experiences, allowing you to try new things and broaden your comfort zone!

Dr. Yvonne Wang
Technology Commercialization Club | Co-President

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