Featured Student Leader: Entreprneurship and Innovation Association’s Ali Al-Ebrahim

As we promote youth and entrepreneurship, we are featuring entrepreneurial student leaders showcasing how each one has made an impact on their community across North America. In this blog, Dr. Yvonne Wang shares how she has made an impact in the entrepreneurial community in Edmonton.

Which current startup has caught your eye?
There are quite a few startups I’m interested in. It changes with time—it’s like I have a new crush every week. I’m always fascinated by hard-tech startups (those who’s IP is based off university research) and by those in the news space (media is very dear to me; my first startup was a news platform). So my current favorite is Spitz, a speed reading app that enables you to read up to 500 words per minute (regular reading is around 220 wpm). Imagine the impact of this technology!

If you were to join a startup would it be in idea, development, launch or growth phase?
Idea phase, no doubt. I want to make the biggest impact—I want to work on meaningful ideas. I’m sure that I can learn more from working at a startup in subsequent phases, and I’ll do that eventually, but for another year or so I want to try my hand again at a startup in the idea phase, to see if I can apply the lessons from my first failed venture. It’s all about what you want to learn and how you go about it.

As President of the EIA what impact have you had on the entrepreneurship community at New York University Polyrechnic?

In a college of 5000 students, 1600 are on our newsletter and 1200 on our social media—we reach over half the campus. It’s not the magnitude of the numbers that makes me proud, but the degree to which it proves our impact. Our largest regular event draws over 250 people to watch 6 student startups pitch to real investors for feedback. A Summer Incubator Program we organized launched 8 student startups, 2 of which went on to funding, a program that was institutionalized by the Univeristy for its success (now NYU’s Summer LaunchPad). Our impact encouraged the University to bring us on as co-hosts for their annual $40k startup and prototyping competition, Inno/Vention. I could go on, but the main success has been making the students and our members believe that they can control their own future and their own development, and they can.

Dr. Yvonne Wang
Technology Commercialization Club | Co-President

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