Featured Student Leader: Cornell Old Ezra Finance Club’s Patrick Orzel

As we promote youth and entrepreneurship, we are featuring entrepreneurial student leaders showcasing how each one has made an impact on their community across North America. In this blog, Dr. Yvonne Wang shares how she has made an impact in the entrepreneurial community in Edmonton.

Why did you join The Finance Club?
Prior to coming to Johnson, I worked at Pratt & Whitney, a large commercial and military jet engine manufacturer, in various roles within manufacturing, operations, and supply chain. Being an engineer by trade with limited formal financial education, and determined to make the transition into investment banking, I knew that I needed to supplement the first-year core curriculum with additional finance and career prep workshops that Johnson offered. The Old Ezra Finance Club satisfied my needs by providing its members several finance-focused educational lectures, interview workshops, and overall corporate briefing preparation in several different capacities.

What is one piece of advice you have to students getting involved?

Business schools offer a wide variety of clubs from professional to community focused charters. It will be tempting to join several clubs during first semester to prevent yourself from missing out during the two short years of business school. However, you will benefit more from each organization if you limit your involvement to two-three clubs. Specifically, I recommend devoting the majority of your time to the professional club that is focused on your career and taking its initiatives seriously. I attended all club meetings and workshops and feel that my focused participation allowed me to excel during the recruiting season.

What are some of the skills that you have gained being involved on campus that you feel are transferable to your career?
Weekly, a member of the Finance Club’s board provides an overview of a selected finance topic ranging from bond pricing to accretion/dilution analysis. Specific to investment banking, I have learned the fundamentals of valuation required to be successful this coming summer. The club also allows its members to focus on their soft skills. As President, I have the opportunity to not only develop my emotional intelligence (EQ) but also enhance my leadership and management skills. Leadership is a skill that cannot be practiced enough and thus I encourage students to take advantage of the leadership opportunities while at business school.

Dr. Yvonne Wang
Technology Commercialization Club | Co-President

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