Featured Student Leader: Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneur’s Kevin Zhang

As we promote youth and entrepreneurship, we are featuring entrepreneurial student leaders showcasing how each one has made an impact on their community across North America. In this blog, Dr. Yvonne Wang shares how she has made an impact in the entrepreneurial community in Edmonton.

Which current startup has caught your eye?
I’m a huge fan of Premise. They’re an econometric data platform informing decisions by government agencies, global CPG manufacturers, and more.

Which startup city would you want to work in? Why?

New York, hands down. This is particularly because I think the Columbia network is strongest here in Manhattan, though; additionally, I think New York is growing faster, has a more vibrant cross-section of different industries, and is easier to get around without a car. I’ll settle for the weather.

As Co-President of the Tech Comm Club, what impact have you had on the entrepreneurship community at your school?
As President of the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs, I’m most proud of our team’s work on executing our mission to inspire, educate, and launch the next generation of entrepreneurs from Columbia.

We’ve put together a workshop series called Product Challenge, which helps students take their ideas to product specs. Women Entrepreneurs Month is launching with 100+ women signed up for its mentorship program and some of the biggest names in NYC involved. And we’ve hosted numerous events with fantastic speakers like Alexis Ohanian, Jack Dorsey, Ben Smith and more.

Dr. Yvonne Wang

Technology Commercialization Club | Co-President

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